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The Curious Case of... Dr. Rosa 💃🏽

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The quote reads: "For 16 years, I participated in academia proper as a student, teacher, professor, researcher, and administrator of STEM education.   I kept following each systemic issue in our education to one through-line: education teaches us how to work, not how to learn." Dr. Vanessa Rosa
A quote from Dr. Rosa.

How would you rate our education system's success in inspiring lifelong learning and scientific literacy?

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Educators know that curiosity lights a fire for lifelong learning. Yet, like sand through a colander, curiosity slips away in systemic structures developed for efficiency rather than benefit.

In our education system, teaching can be more synonymous with telling, filtering, and testing than the guiding, supporting, and mentoring that drew us in.

Researchers found that students aged 1-5 asked an average of 107.8 questions per hour. By elementary school, this number decreases to 1-2, with zero becoming increasingly likely as students matriculate through the education system.

These studies suggest somewhere along the way, traditional education can extinguish curiosity.

Reigniting Curiosity Through Community

Cuvette Collective Logo

I'm Dr. Vanessa Rosa. Alongside the Leadership Team, we've founded Cuvette Collective to empower science educators to reignite curiosity in their students.

Together, we're actively developing The CURIOUS Educator - a practical, inquiry-based meta-framework that concisely synthesizes today's best practices, resources, and evidence from leaders in science education:

Too often, science teachers face isolation and burnout. We have developed a teaching cooperative that pools knowledge, reduces workloads, and connects educators and researchers. You're likely an excellent fit for our community if you're reading this.

Most importantly, our community's mission is to allow student curiosity to guide exploration. Like lighting a candle, science education is transformed when we put curiosity at the heart of learning.

The quote reads: The most impactful STEM reforms have tapped into our natural curiosity, innate wonder, and desire for purpose and meaning.

Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning. ~ William Arthur Ward


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A practical, inquiry-based meta-framework that concisely synthesizes today's best practices, resources, and evidence from leaders in science education.

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