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Reforming College-Level Science Education

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"Curiosity asks how. Vision asks why. Passion asks why not." - Vanessa Rosa, Ph.D.

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This image is of Dr. Vanessa Rosa.

Dr. Rosa is a science education researcher catalyzing change through collective action, CURIOUS lesson designs, data-driven reforms, and impact evaluations.

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This image includes the heading "The CURIOUS Educator" followed be "Benchmark your capacity to inspire curiosity in your science classroom", a colorful wheel representing the different categories of the self-assessment, and the call-to-action "Take the quiz to discover which aspects to expand your impact as a science educator." Click to access the self-assessment.
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Meet Dr. Rosa

For 16 years, I fully participated in the academy as a student, teacher, professor, researcher, and administrator of STEM education.

I kept tracing each systemic issue in our education back to one unifying problem:

Our system teaches us how to work, not how to learn.

Another image of Dr. Rosa.


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