Dr. Rosa collaborates with scientists & educators to close the research-practice gap through two initiatives:

The CURIOUS Educator💡

Educators applying the latest advancements in science research to design curricula.

Real Stories of Broader Impacts:

FAQs: How do we support researchers & educators ⬇️

1. What makes Cuvette Collective different from other science education platforms?

 Cuvette Collective uniquely combines the latest scientific research with practical classroom strategies. Unlike others, we offer a comprehensive suite of resources, including a Substack newsletter, a curated podcast series, and a community of educators designed to enhance your teaching and keep you at the forefront of science education.

2. How can I apply the insights from your newsletter to my teaching?

Each newsletter is crafted with actionable strategies that you can directly apply to your curriculum. We focus on providing you with tools and frameworks that simplify planning and enhance the learning experience in your classroom.

3. Are the discussions and interviews in your content suitable for all education levels? 

Absolutely. Our expert-led discussions and interviews with leading scientists are tailored to be accessible and valuable for educators across all levels. We ensure that complex topics are broken down into understandable insights that can be adapted to any educational setting.

4. I'm new to incorporating research into my teaching. How can Cuvette Collective help me?

Welcome aboard! Cuvette Collective is perfect for educators at any stage of integrating research into teaching. Our resources are designed to guide you through this process, with regular updates on scientific discoveries and monthly deep dives into specific topics to build your confidence and knowledge.

5. What if I don't find the content relevant to my teaching needs?

 We strive to provide personalized content that caters to our community's diverse interests and needs. If there's something specific you're looking for, let us know! We're here to support your teaching journey and continually expand our content to cover various topics.

6. How can I be sure that the strategies you provide are effective and up-to-date?

Our team is committed to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest research. We collaborate with experts and actively engage in the science education community to ensure that our shared strategies are practical and reflect the most current scientific understanding.

7. Is there a commitment or fee to subscribe to your newsletter and access resources?

Subscribing to our newsletter is free, and no commitment is required. You'll receive weekly updates packed with insights and resources at no cost. Plus, you'll have opportunities for discounts on educational products and services, making it an even more valuable addition to your professional toolkit.

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